Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Planning

"What's for dinner?"  I honestly don't like that question.  Especially when I'm asking myself at 5:00 pm.  I've found that the best way to keep our family on budget and non-stressed at dinner time is to make out a menu plan every week.  First I look through all of our local store ads online and write down the things that are on sale.  Then I take into account the things I have in the cupboard.  Then I come up with our breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week on a cute little chart I print out and put up on the fridge.  The kids love this, and I love them NOT asking me what's for dinner every night!  I also know that I'm making the most of the grocery money because I am planning meals around what is on sale whenever possible.  It takes a little bit of time every week, but it is totally worth it.

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